Parnew Whippets

Our first whippet "Jess"

In the May of 1995 I fell in love with a little whippet and I named her Jess, at that stage 

I had know idea that this loving girl would change my life for the better.

Through the years Jess showed me all of the things whippets are known for from 

"travelling to work with me, the unforgettable greetings at the car door when I got home,

to sharing the couch,snacks and sneaking onto the bed". 

Jess was always my girl and we formed a love, friendship and trust that was never broken and will last my life time.

One week before her fourteenth birthday I was in the computer room and looked on the bed

to find that my darling Jess was having a stroke.

The morning after I faced every dog owners worst nightmare a trip to the vet.

The hardest decision was made to send my most loyal friend over the rainbow bridge.

With her in my arms she past peacefully with many of my tears to follow for the coming days and months. 

" Forever In My Heart My Darling Jess"

April 1995 - March 2009